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“Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.” (by Fred Zhang)
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    Africa does. #dyingbythousands @_BrianRose Are you in need today: restoration/friend/answer/health/employment/forgiveness/love? #askJesus

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    Rocky meets Jebus @faithclubdotnet Jesus quote 1Cor9:26 I run straight for the finish line; I am like a boxer who does not waste his punches

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    Thats funny! @ADEMOLA1308 Is Jesus Really God? Scholars Examine the Facts About Jesus’ Claims to be God

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    Ah, my daily dose of freak. Thank you. @BrendaSawJesus #Prophecy Jesus warned that He is watching the Earth! #endtimes #VISIONS

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    Test: “Why do you masturbate?” @JonathanPearson @havntyetarrived “Because Jesus said so. ” I want that to be my reason for EVERYTHING!

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    I think kids in Africa need food more than they need Jebus. @Rbrantley22 We need Jesus just as much as we need our next breath.

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    Takes a genius to say that #not @bettyanne44 Jesus says: ‘When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light’

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    Please don’t. #overandoveragain #stupidstory @AsherLim Tell the world that Jesus lives, tell the world that, tell the world that…

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    Of course you can. You guys do it all the time. @tweology You can’t stand up for the name of Jesus and not bear the cross of Jesus



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